Pubg Mobile have 27 crore downloads in India, But din’t make huge revenue

As we all know that PUBG Mobile is already the most popular game within the world the sport has become even more popular during the coronavirus pandemic. Still, the Indian government has banned PUBG Mobile from the sport, preventing an enormous number of players from India to play the sport, seriously dropped the player base of PUBG Mobile.

Which is over one-third of the whole downloads of PUBG Mobile. However, while the quantity of Indian players is large, they do not really bring much revenue to PUBG Mobile. the sport only generated $41.2 million in India, which is about only one.2 of the overall revenue. Meanwhile, losing the Indian player doesn’t really refer to PUBG Mobile? Absolutely not.

However, Indian players don’t really spend money to shop for items within the game, they’re a large reason why PUBG Mobile has such a giant and robust community. Just by having lots of individuals playing the sport, India has created thousands of content creators and streamers for PUBG Mobile on Youtube.

As for esports, we are able to see that Indian pro teams have always been completely dominating the entire South Asia region. The Indian team Orange Rock was the runner-up of the PUBG Mobile World League East, proving that they were improving and better every year. But unfortunately, with the PUBG Mobile ban in India, we are going to not be able to see Indian teams within the Fall Season and therefore the PUBG Mobile Global World Championship Zero. whether or not they’ll make, it, they will not be ready to do their best because they cannot practice.

PUBG Corp. recently announced that Tencent will now not responsible for PUBG Mobile in India anymore, but it doesn’t guarantee that PUBG Mobile is returning in a minimum of 1 or 2 more months. And by the time it comes back, lots of players have already moved on to a different game.

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