PUBG Mobile: How to Increase The Download Speed – Quick Guide

In the field of mobile gaming, we always remember PUBG Mobile because it becomes one amongst the
simplest online multiplayer game which may play on Mobile similarly as Pc.Over the years the sport has
upgraded itself massively. we’ve been seeing regular upgrades to new maps, weapons, and interfaces.

This implies once you boost up the build of your PUBG Mobile app via an update you’ve got to download
an update weighing over gigabytes. At this time, some PUBG players complaint that the download speed
is kind of slow. So, during this article, i’ve got put up some quick troubleshooting techniques which will help the gamer to overcome the slow download speed of PUBG Mobile.

Tips to extend The Download Speed of PUBG Mobile

  • Stop Other App Updates to hurry up the Download for PUBG Updates

    Pause the other apps update to download because it may slow up your data speed.

  • Download Through WiFi

    It’s always good practice to download PUBG app updates via a robust WiFi network. With the cellular
    network, the update are very slow. So, use WiFi to download.

  • Close other Apps that Are Using the net

    Multitasking looks good only on a tool where the web connection is powerful. Otherwise, every single
    application will stall and block.

  • Close the Streaming Services to extend the PUBG Download Speed

    If you think that while your internet will download and install a 2 GB update of PUBG within the
    background and therefore the meantime you may stream big app.

  • Try To use a VPN

    If the regular ISP network isn’t fast enough, then you’ll try any VPN.

So, we hope that this article may something informative for you and also you have well known about
“PUBG Mobile: How to Increase The Download Speed”.

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