Pubg Mobile is preparing for Season 3 Leaks it’s Rewards and Release Date

Tencent is going to release its pubg mobile season 13 tier rewards, there were a lot of leaks and reports that belongs to season 13, and its rewards surfaced online. Today we are going to share a little bit of those leagues and the tire reward that you will get with a pubg mobile season 13.

Pubg Mobile Season 13 rollout date.

According to reports, Pubg mobile has that they will be starting rolling out season 13 on May 13th, 2020, at 0.00 AM. Not to mention pubg mobile will starting the popup the message of pubg mobile season 13 2 hours before the on the same day. Likely the season 30 is going to end on July 14th, 2020. We have also released a video regarding the pubg mobile season 13 that reveals a lot of details about the pubg Mobile upcoming season.

PUBG Mobile Season 13

Pubg mobile season 13 rewards

Most likely, there were a lot of awards that are going to be introduced with this season. There will be a new season 13 Elite pass alongside its missions hence the new theme.

Starting with padded leather sad is one of the most attractive outfits bringing a tribal sad with a Ram skull mask featuring a new season team airplane and the parachutes.

PUBG Mobile Season 13

The basic theme structure of season 13 would be the toy pant playground, and you have to outfits at the end of a hundred tire of the elite pass. However, the Lava Superman power flash Superman will be available through Royal pass rewards, and it includes Lego theme of tar frame vehicle toys clean silver fragments in a room card alongside hai uc up to 600. obviously, they will also go to add a lucky draw event that provides some unique Advair and terrible theme outfit with an exchange of UC.

What are the pubg mobile season 13 rewards

There were always some unique and offering from pubg mobile as it has a new exclusive war for and conqueror tier that will not be available to purchase that you have to unlock through the missions and survival skills. Whereas there were no rewards for the first two-tier bronze and silver but gold having and special outfit and time platinum v. Lastly, The diamond v gifted you exclusive weapon featuring a Lego pattern toy playground theme. Even more is that conquer to get a special offer frame and more.

Unfortunately, there is no for the details available about pubg mobile season 13 report package.thanks for being with us we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section below stay tuned for more for the updates in future on same.

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