PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Mode -Everything you need to know

PUBG Mobile jungle mode returned to the game, Where the jungle seems to be quite interesting and inspired by Sanhok. Where the players were picked randomly whenever they used to play the Classic match on Sanhok, this mode brings new features which include a Hot Air Balloons, Item crates and several mysterious fruits. It seems to be quite interesting so let’s take a closer look toward it and know more about it.

Not to mention, the PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure mode originally release in PUBG Mobile on June 1st. However, that mode was removed in a global version for some reason because some players used to seem quite offensive and start quitting that particular match in the game.

In that mode player used to collect “Totems” to claim the loot includes health, Energy and various other perks. On the other hand, the Muslim community also found this offensive due to their idol worshipping is prohibited in Islam. Tencent has made some major changes to the game, and They have to change the Totems “Praying” animation has been removed. Meanwhile, now you need to activate the item crates to claim the perks with the help of Terms.

At first glance, It looks quite similar to the classic map Sanhok. Therefore, it was having some more features such as the Jungle food across the map. Additionally, there is a New Vehicle to the game called “Hot Air Balloon” helps to navigate and not to travel in the game from one place to another place, respectively.


Hot Air Balloons

This is the brand-new vehicle to the game, and It spawns and the location of the vehicle appears in the map of jungle adventure. Where you can control your vehicle with the help of Up and down but it can’t be used to travel across the map. Meanwhile., the Hot Air Balloons offers a navigate throw the map featuring jump off from the hot air balloon so far as it a lot a parachute for you to land safely to the ground. Not to mention, you can use the Hot air balloon for rotation.


What’s inside the Item crates

There were items which were three different colour option as mention Red, Blue or Yellow colour option. Red Colour item crate having ammo and Weapons alongside a Repair kit for your armour. While the Blue was having a Scope and Throwable alongside repair energy kit and lastly, the Yellow item crate was featuring Medical items and armour.

Mysterious Fruit

This is the unique thing that comes with the Jungle Map as the map was quite identical, You have to find out the fruits on the ground because they were placed randomly on the ground used to eat, and they will give you a narrowing vision allow you to take more advantage to compare to other players.

Some specific skills include a Distance Footsteps, Gunshots, vehicle sound on mini-map, Increase 50% player energy and Air-Drop locations on the map. It seems to be quite interesting so far.

Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If there is any query share with us in the comment section down below, stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.
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