PUBG Mobile Lightweight Installation Function| How it Reduced Game Size

As everyone knows that PUBG Mobile has grown to become arguably the foremost popular battle
royale title on the mobile platform. The developers regularly implement new features to boost the
general experience for the users. A few weeks back, the 1.1 updates hit the servers of the Esport and
brought in various latest features along with various modes and upgradations. The Lightweight
Installation Function was also a highlight of the update.

The highlight of Lightweight Installation Function in PUBG Mobile

As Written above, that lightweight function was applied along with 1.1 Upgradation. It’s reduced the game’s download size to 610 MB on the Google Play Store. Players now only must download the mandatory resource packs within the game. Specifically, they consist of only the Erangel map Downloaded and have the option to download the another.

However, Players can download/delete resource packs from the ‘Download’ tab, which has been added to the settings section of PUBG Mobile. a sensible delete feature has also been added by the developers, which can recommend users delete unused resources.

To begin with, the developers have prepared two packs/patches, either of which the users would need to download when starting the Esport – Low-spec resource pack (329.9 MB). This pack is incorporated Lower spec resource for all graphic resources. Resources are downloaded quickly, and also, the game runs more smoothly.

  • HD Resource Pack (583.2MB)

    This pack comprises HD version for all graphic resources, And it is very high graphical as compared to low specs.

Moreover, players are rewarded for downloading specific packs. space for storing is one in all the issues
faced by many users worldwide, and this feature enables them to manage the scale of the Esport.
So, we hope that you have correctly got your content and also well known about “PUBG Mobile
Lightweight Installation Function| How it Reduced Game Size”.

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