Pubg Mobile Lite 0.14.1 update Adds New Golden Map, Gun and vehicle.

Pubg Mobile is one of the Most Popular Battles Royal Game, Where Pubg Mobile Lite Officially Debute in India Coupled of Months ago. Where it Target to Server a Battle Royal Game for Low-End Smartphone. This Game Get Top Ranked on Google Play Within Just three Days. Game Recieve a lot of Updates and Recieve a Visual Looks Closer to the Original Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Lite new update brings new Golden Woods map, rewards, games mode in and Vehicles India

The New Update Version is an 0.14.0 Bring New Exclusive Map for PUBGM Lite. Recently, the Game Recieve an Update Introducing a New map, Weapons and Vehicles to Keep the Game Exciting for those Potential Players.

There is New Map Known as Golden Wood. Which Having an Autumn Season. However, This is a 2×2 Layout Map offering Faster Gameplay along 60 Players onboard on Flight.

Pubg Mobile Lite 0.14.1

This Map is Quite Inspired by Sanhok Map, Covered With “Golden Wood” from a Location Named as Na Kham and Buildings. Even it Included New Weapons as PP-19, QBZ and QBU. Which Guns Only Found on Sanhok Map Confirm that it Was a Lite Version of Sanhok Map.

It also Now Adding New Achievements and Tittle System Similar to Mobile and PC Version of Pubg. Moreover, Complete the Mission to Unlock the Achievements to Stand Above other.

Further, it also Includes a New War Mode With an RPG-7 With a New Game Mode called FireFight. On the Other Hand, UAZ Vehicles to the Games. This is Quite Interesting to See a New War Mode Setting Where Every player has an RPG-7 Rocket Launcher. Similarly, It also Fixed the Interface and Bugs in Some Maps.

Pubg Mobile Lite 0.14.1

New Season Will be Begin on October 1st With New Rewards to Collect. Where the New Challenges in the Mission Menu for Players to Test their Skills for Valuable Prizes to Unlock New Achievement and Stand Up above all.

It also Includes a New Special War Mode to Fight With an RPG-7 Rocket Launcher. The New powerful Gear as PP-19 Sub-Machine Gun, QBZ and QBU DMR Rifle are Added with and Wheeled UAZ Vehicles.

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Thanks for Being With us, Enjoy the Game With New Update. Write your valuable opinion and feedback in the Comment Section Down below. Stay tuned further updates in the future.

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