PUBG Mobile makes over $500 million in 72 days, hits $3.5 billion in lifetime revenue

PUBG Mobile has become the foremost popular online multiplayer game because it earned the lifetime revenue of $3.5 billion-plus. It had been evaluated by a statistical computation organization, which is a sensor tower.
However, PUBG mobile has been released in 2018, which is 2 years ago, but because it is noticed that the PUBG mobile has earned up a high revenue package. Because of which this game is growing day by day and enlarge its popularity all over the world.

Although china region has the best expenditure, which 53 percent of the full revenue, if we speak about within the real and exact value, it’s $1.9 billion is rolling or starting from the precise country. However, this highest revenue is occurring or commencing by the spending iOS users only. Because the play store isn’t available in china, the play store doesn’t gain revenue from china. However, It may be found on third-party applications.

The PUBG mobile has earned up the highest revenue from china, which is because of Tencent’s games. And, as you all know that the play store is not available in china, which facilitates that the use of the app store is more than the play store in china. So, In china, the highest revenue is coming out through the app store. And also, The Apple App Store accounts for the bulk of this.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India on 2nd September, which is because of data hacking through those Chinese apps. This can definitely take an enormous toll on its total installs and player spending within the future. Currently, PUBG Corp. has revealed that it’s working to bring the sport back, with Tencent now not being authorized to publish the sport within the country.

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