PUBG Mobile Owner Tencent To Release New Game Dawn Awakening With Real-time Weather Conditions, It Could Better Than PUBG Mobile?

Recently, PUBG Mobile developer and publisher Lightspeed & Quantum Studios of Tencent made it official that the studio is functioning on a spanking new survival game called Dawn Awakening and the beta version of the sport. While the sport is alleged to be one in all the foremost realistic open-world survival games ever, many game lovers wonder if it can outdo PUBG Mobile or not.


About Gaming Concept

Living during a world filled with dangers, players will need to learn the way to cope up with enemies while assuring their health indicator like hunger, energy, thirst and plenty of others is enough. It’ll be challenging as there are lots of external factors to require your tolls. Additionally to it, you furthermore might have to build up your residence and neighbourhood.

The diverse landscape and climatic conditions

In the game, there’ll be a lot of various and realistic experiences in Dawn Awakening from exploring the landscape with differing types of vehicles to enjoy the various weather. It didn’t stop there as you’ll be able to also unlock and see cooking recipes, various forms of species within the natural and extreme climate like sandstorms, and air pollution.

The vast range of weapons

However, to guard yourself against mutants, monsters, and other forces, you may be given lots of staggering guns and other tactical props like grenades, foam bombs, and oxidized bombs. Heavy firearms, just like the Gatling gun, is one amongst the foremost interesting weapons you’ll unlock within the game.


Customize your building in your own style

Building your own estate is additionally a remarkable part of a survival game. With Dawn Awakening, you’re liberated to build a house in any location you would like and luxuriate in and stunning landscape of the sport.
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