PUBG Mobile receive 185MB Update bring new game mode – Patch Note

The all-new 0.19.0 update of PUBG Mobile released out on 7th July, and brought in an exceedingly new map, taking the whole tally to 5. The 0.19.0 Update also has a feature of ‘Spark the Flame’ theme into the classic model, for the Erangel and Miramar maps.

Today, PUBG Mobile pushed out another new update. These are usually released to feature or remove some features, and sometimes to even enhance and optimize features. The scale of the Update is 185 MB, though the scale and time taken to download may vary.

What’s NEW – Features of new PUBG Mobile 185 MB update

“Dear players, PUBG MOBILE will release an update that optimises performance of the upcoming Ancient Secret Mode, improves the overall gameplay quality. You could check the update from your app market. Some players may not receive that update; please wait for a few hours. Thanks for your support.”

Ancient, secret-themed gameplay

According to this announcement, a brand-new ancient, secret-themed gameplay are made available soon within the game. This secret theme will have an amazing experience and also enhanced the gameplay of PUBG mobile. However, it had been earlier available within the beta version but hasn’t been added yet to the sport. You’ll watch the gameplay from the beta version below:

Library Gun Game

Now, the 0.19.0 Update of PUBG mobile has introduced all-new Library Gun game. It will definitely bring up several changes in the 0.19.0 Update of PUBG mobile. But now it is not possible yet. However, it can be accessible on 31st July 2020 which was quoted under the 0.19.0 update patch notes. This model is going to be available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The team that kills the enemy with the pan, which is that the last weapon, wins the sport. Although, just in case none of the teams manages to try to so within the stipulated time, then the team with the best score triumphs. Collectively, the 0.19.0 Update is full of new items and things. And for sure, this update will bring several changes in the gameplay of the PUBG Mobile.

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