PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royal Pass Alleged Leaks ahead of Roll-out

PUBG Mobile Upcoming Season for the Game Would be a Season 11, Which Seems to bring Major Rewards to Unlock With Missions and perks. Likely it to be internment Roll-out Soon in Upcoming Weeks.

Season 11 Royale Pass Leaks, M416 Skin, BackPack, Helmet & Pan Skin Pubg Mobile [Via: Mr.GHOST GAMING]

First thing First, The New Season 11 Update Bring new Emotes, upgradable AWM and DP-28 Lab Skin. There Were a lot of Newer Emotes Will be added and they Were Cool as Usual. The Royal Pass Reward Include New Outfit Emotes, Lab Skin of AWM, DP-28 and Pan Skin along RP Crates among additional Perks.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royal Pass Leaks

The RP Stand for Royal pass, With the New Royal Pass Will be Rollout Based on Season and it Will be Received by a player With an Update. The Royal Pass allows you to Gain further access to get more rewards to compare to Free Users.

The New Update Will bring a New Treasure Redemption and the Season 11 Royal Pass include an ELITE UPGRADE and Elite UPGRADE PLUS Priced $99 (Worth 4,000 UC) and $24.99 (Worth 10,000 UC) Respectively.

PUBG Mobile S11 Royal Pass

Where you Will Recieve a Common 100 Reward through Ranking Up and Elite mission Unlock. On the other hand, Elite Plus Include More Benefits like 25 Perks (2,500 UC), ICE Sculpture Snowmobile, Unsleeping City Grenade and Exclusive Roaring Magma Avatar Frame.

Not to Mention, The Purchasing Items Will not be Refundable. The Highlighting Things Were a theme Based Bag, Level 3, M416 and Pan Skin. Not to Mention, You Will also Recieve a 600 US for Free to use to Purchase Upcoming Season Royal Pass.

PUBG Mobile S11 Royal Pass

Furthermore, There Will be More Rewards Which Will unveiled Soom in upcoming Days. We Suggest you Stay tuned for more also, Not only this there Were More Features is to be Revealed.


Thanks for being with us, Share your more valuable opinion and feedback in the comment Section Down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.

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