PUBG Mobile Sanhok 2.0 Map Update with Route Planner -Reports

Earlier Pubg had redesigned Erangel remade into the new 2.0 version. Now, it is turning for Sanhok to be introduced in the game. And, besides enhanced graphics, the map should receive attentive changes on the terrain – which leads to new gameplay.


While PUBG had already announced the introduction of another popular map which is different from Sanhok to get the new enhanced look in the coming PUBG PC update, however, the official name of the map isn’t announced yet, but according to sources, the players have named it “Sanhok 2.0”. Also, from last few days, PUBG has released a few gameplay teasers of Sanhok 2.0 on their official Twitter account, which totally enclose each and everything about the Sanhok 2.0 Map. It is estimated that the Sanhok 2.0 map will be for gameplay in Season 8 on 22nd July.


New Features on Sanhok 2.0 – SANHOK V2 IS COMING – My thoughts on this big rework – PUBG


One of the features of sanhok us Bootcamp, which will completely be made up of new layout that is symmetrical in nature. However, it is correctly mirrored with the location which divided into two equal parts.


Another update is that the new location us called Docks. Apparently, the older location is converted into a party zone which may lead, players would catch a glimpse of the party zone with some fancy glowing lights.



Basically, the Ruins is located at the western portion of the map which has been granted with a forestation along with several dramatic changes in the local area.

MG42 – Sanhok 2.0 New Exclusive Weapon

There is also a new machine gun which will be added to Sanhok 2.0 Update while this machine gun named is MG41 which uses 7.62 ammo with a mag size of 50 and also attracts many users towards it. So, these are the Updates which are to be seen in the upcoming PUBG Sanhok 2.0 Update.

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