PUBG Mobile Season 15 bring Loot Truck, Know how to loot Truck and offer

PUBG Mobile Season 15 is prepared to be this September with plenty of the latest features including the Loot Truck. Rolling down the roads in Sanhok map. The truck is alleged to be a promising target for each player to loot an enormous range of excellent gear.

Although it’s hard to require down the heavily armoured truck, once you manage to prevent it, you’ll be overwhelmed with what it offers. The way to stop the Loot Truck in PUBG Mobile and what you’ll be able to find inside, keep reading for the reason.


In fact, only players who are persistent enough can tame these heavily-armoured monsters because it will take plenty of effort to try to do so. The PUBG Mobile Loot Truck can crash down anything they encounter on the way and resist the force of other vehicles. Meanwhile, you’ll easily stop the truck by deflating its tires with Spikes Strips. Once it stops moving, it’s easier to offer it an oversized assault.

What Loot Truck in PUBG Mobile offers

Once the truck is broken, it’ll drop small containers of loot. More and more of them are thrown into the air once it’s completely destroyed. You may find an unlimited range of fully kitted weapons at level 3. Additionally, thereto, you’ll be able to also find 4 different gears with special skins. Tips for attacking loot truck in PUBG Mobile

Be careful when the Loot Truck explores as you’ll be able to be damaged if staying too near it. Attack the track only if you have got a team because it will take lots of effort to knock it down watch out enemy’s attack as your fire could be a signal truck will cross over the rework town of the island so you’ll be able to sit up for it here as there’ll be more covers for you.

So, we hope that you have completely got knowledge related “Loot Truck Finally Made Available On PUBG Mobile Season 15: What It Offers And How To Take It Down”. The loot truck feature was already debuted in original PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) with the last update.

Not to mention, they also added Train in the PUBG PC and it has arrived exclusively for Vikendi Map so far. Moreover, it likely the game is quite inspired by COD (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone) already having Train and the Truck in the game since the beginning)

Hopefully, this article remains helpful for you, If there is any query revert us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.
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