PUBG Mobile: Season 15 Royal Pass & Outfits leaks

Finally, the PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass goes to release on 14th September 2020and will add a bunch of outfits, emotes, and other rewards. Season 15 is called Beyond A.C.E. and can be supported the Samurai theme.
As the same to each season, Now Season 15 will include two versions of the Royale Pass: the Free Pass and also the Elite Royale Pass. The outfits which will be available in both these Royale Passes are leaked.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass Outfits

Mainly, The PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass will include a complete of 4 outfits, and out of them, three are upgradable.

Whitestar Outfit

Basically, The Whitestar Outfit is going to be available on R.P. level 1, and its headgear is available on R.P. level 5. It will be available within the Elite Royale Pass.

Shadow Assassin Outfit

All new Shadow Assassin Outfit is going to be available on R.P. level 30 and can include a mask that will be unlocked on R.P. level 35. it’ll even be available within the Elite Royale Pass.

Silverstar Outfit

The new Silverstar Outfit won’t be an upgradable outfit and can get unlocked completely on R.P. level 60.
Samurai Ops Outfit

The Samurai Ops is that the 100 RP outfit and its helmet are unlocked at the 80 R.P. level.
Although, The PUBG Mobile Season 15 update will release at 7:30 AM and will get downloaded automatically within the game. This new season will include a key new visual preview of level rewards, unpurchased rewards, and newly-added crate items. Although the R.P. points can be acquired between seasons will now automatically convert to ordinary point cards.

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