PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royal Pass Release Date and Leaks surface online

PUBG released many seasons and updates same because the Season 15 of PUBG Mobile is just round the corner, and several other leaks for the upcoming Royale Pass have started surfacing on the net. As per the leaks, the Season 15 Royale Pass are going to be supported the Moon theme. The players will be able to see a spread of skins and outfits with a moon symbol on them.

However, aside from the central theme, the developers also will introduce several new exciting and engaging rewards, which can make the Season 15 Royale Pass even more special.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass reward leaks


Rose Moon Dacia Skin

Rose Moon Dacia Skin is one of the best feature or items rolling out in the season 15 of PUBG mobile. However, it is the four-wheeler Dacia skin which is to appear in rose colour with a moon symbol. Although, this skin will unlock on passing level 19 of season 15.

M762 Beryl skin

The M762 Beryl skin is introduced within the free version of Season 15 Royale Pass. The mixture of yellow and black colour gives a premium look to the skin, and its clear pattern makes the weapon skin even more attractive. It’s being said that it’ll be available at level 50.

Kar98k Skin

One of the rarest rewards of the upcoming Royale Pass is going to be the Kar98k skin. However, the name of the skin has not been revealed yet, but the ultimate look of the skin has been spotted within the PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 beta version. The skin comes with a cordon blue wrapped everywhere on the weapon’s body, followed by a black colour finish.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 release date

Although, this Season of PUBG Mobile goes to finish on 13th September. As a result, PUBG Mobile Season 15 is probably going to release on 15th September 2020. However, as always, the game’s servers are taken down for maintenance.

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