PUBG Mobile Season 15 will bring M1014: New Weapon to the game

PUBG Mobile always launch many updates with various seasons. And In every update or season, they launch some new item or feature within the game. However, Tencent PUBG mobile and Tencent have collaboration because of which they introduce many seasons within the game. Although, the sport got many downloads and better user base.

Already, PUBG Mobile releases plenty of new content every season to stay players entertained. The Season 15 is coming to PUBG Mobile, bringing players many new skins, outfits, Royale Pass Season 15, Erangel 2.0, and a replacement weapon. Today, we are visiting look further into this new shotgun in PUBG Mobile.


The M1014 is additionally called Benelli M4 Super 90. It’s a semi-automatic shotgun, which suggests it can automatically fire a shell after every trigger pull without having to manually be intimate. Here is that the full specification of the M1014

  • Weight : 8.42 lb (3.82 kg) (ca. 3,819 g) (empty)
  • Length: 34.9 inches (ca. 89 centimetres)
  • Barrel length: 18.5 inches (46.99 centimetres)
  • Rate of fire: Single-fire
  • Effective range: 36.5 meters
  • Calibre: 12 gauge magazine: 8 + 1 internal tube magazine


Since the M1014 may be a semi-automatic shotgun, it’ll have an honest rate of fireplace similar to the S12K and doubtless may be equipped with a scope moreover. it’ll use 12 Gauge bullets rather like all other shotgun in PUBG Mobile. From the look of the weapon, we will tell that it’ll be able to shot 2 consecutive shots quickly similar to the DBS, making it an excellent effective weapon to fade your enemies in close-range combats.

The magazine of the PUBG Mobile Season 15 new gun M1014 is expected to carry 8 bullets just like the real-life version of it. there’s a high chance that it’ll be able to be attached to an Extended Mag in PUBG Mobile. The effective range of this weapon is anticipated to be within 25 meters.

So, we hope that you have completely got the knowledge related “PUBG Mobile Season 15 New Gun M1014 – What We Know So Far About It”. Thanks for being with us, We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.

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