PUBG Mobile Season 17 Various Rewards – Leaks : Everything you need to know

It feels that Season 16 was launched recently But. Season 17 launched just after some weeks of Season 16. It means season 17 will come around the mid of January next year. However, many grand rewards for the following season are leaked. And for sure these all rewards will be liked by most of the users.

All Rewards of PUBG Mobile Season 17

These are Few grand Prizes for the upcoming royal pass season.

  • Gun Skin of Diamond-tier M416: Every RP season allows users a gun skin. The subsequent season 17 also brings players an elaborate M416 skin with turquoise and greenish colour patches. It’s stunning and desirable.
  • Galaxy Parachute Skin: you may also receive a galaxy parachute skin in RP season 17. it’s going to be available in level 10 or 20. it’s the purple and black themed colour of the universe besides because of the starlights.
  • Fighter AUG/M249 gun skin: there’s another gun skin you will get from RP 17. it is a red Fighter AUG/M249 gun skin. This gun skin has a red and blue colour and a few yellow patterns.
  • Grand outfit skin: The themed Fighter bundle is that the grand outfit reward within the next season. It’s just like the armour of the Antman but in red colour. This bundle is also obtained in RP level 100.
  • The skin of Snowman Alert grenade: This skin is very impressive, and season 17 may introduce a cool grenade skin, which will be obtained within the Elite Pass. It’s a Snowman face and a redlight-button nose. Moreover, you’ll be able to also see the snow effect within the explosion Pan Skin of Turquoise-colored: This effective gun skin is given to users under the Elite Pass level 30.

So, we hope that you have correctly got well-known about “PUBG Mobile Season 17 Various Rewards”.

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