PUBG Mobile Self-revive in Ancient Secret, Feature or Glitch?

PUBG is always launching various different events with exciting offers. Same as Now, the PUBG Mobile introduced a brand-new event called ‘Ancient Secret’ to some iconic maps like Miramar and Erangel. With the presence of “flying temples” added within the event, players could favour solving puzzles or tackling the Guardian to seek out loot. The temple’s mechanics somehow clad to be difficult thanks to continuing the sport collectively of the players used it to revive himself in a very timely manner.

In Ancient Secret Player reviving himself

Although, The video was posted on Subreddit r/PUBGMobile yesterday and has received a bunch of replies under the discussion section. Specifically, the player during this video was knocked outside a temple with none support from teammates – they were either dead or distant.

However, when the pyramid began to rise into the air, his health bar continued dropping gradually, and therefore the player decided to travel off the sting of the pyramid, where he had been crawling around for quite some time. This suddenly led to the parachute getting opened and this guy immediately revived by landing on the bottom.

While it seems that the parachute will open anytime, players fall off the pyramid, and so they’re able to revive themselves with the help of a soft landing. Generally speaking, this mechanic was designed to create an escape method for players when the temples are floating at an awfully high altitude.

About an Ancient Secret Event

Although, Temples available within the ‘Ancient Secret’ event offers several riddles alongside a spread of rewards in tow, including equipment, extra ammo, weapons, and so on. Rather than solving such a puzzle, players can also search for supply crates after fighting against The Guardian. Remember to hold along enough ammo because the entrance is blocked right after you enter the Guardian’s room.

However, the narrow fire shock waves will also release by Guardian, but all of them have perfect stability. So, we hope that you have briefly got the info related to “PUBG Mobile: Video Of Player’ Reviving’ Himself With The Aid Of Temple In Ancient Secret’”
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