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Pubg Mobile TDM: All you Need to Know about New Map “The Ruins”

Recently, PUBG Mobile Get an Update With a New TDM (Team DeathMatch) Mode Map. This New Map is only available in Version 0.15.5 alongside a Season 10. This New Map Named as “The Ruins”.

This New Map Consider as one of the Most Awaited Map for a Global Version Because the Chinese Version of the PUBG Mobile already played it for a Long time.

Introducing the new map, The Ruins for the Team Death Match mode. -PUBGM

The Ruins

This Map is Completely Inspired from Classic Map of the Rainforest Sanhok Map. The Gameplay on Ruins is Completely Different from the Warehouse Map of TDM. This New Map having a Quite Bigger Compare to the Warehouse Map of TDM. Meanwhile, the Gameplay Feels like a Bit of Tropical Influenced from the Map of Sanhok.

Not to Mention, This New Map Follows the Same DeathMatch Rules. This Means you can Respawn anywhere, however on Warehouse you only Respawn only at Same Point. This New Respawn Feature Make it More Interesting and Possibility to Suprise the Opponent Players.

Further, Now you can Collect the Loot from the Killed Enemies and not have to only Depend on the Initially Carrier Package. This Process Help us to Survive For Long Gaming Season. The New TDM Runis allows you to Set up Weapons on the Rack Mounted on the Wall. Even the Wall Come Out With Ammo and Compatible Attachments on the Right Side of the Wall.

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We Believe, players have Been Getting More Offers from PUBG to Stick to the Game. Thanks for Being With us, Share your More valuable opinion and feedback in the Comment Section Down below. Stay tuned for More Further updates in future on Same.

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