PUBG Mobile teased PUBG Mobile Payload 2.9 -Check out release date and more

As everyone knows that PUBG Mobile is specific at keeping players entertained with every kind of updates and new game modes. One in every of the foremost fun game modes in PUBG Mobile is that the Payload mode.

Although, Payload mode could be a mode where players can use every kind of heavy weapons that normally don’t seem to be available in normal matches like the RPG, the Helicopter, the Grenade Launcher,… it’s really refreshing to launch those heavy weapons into your enemies and watch each of them explode.

And Hence, the PUBG mobile introducing the all-new payload 2.0 to rememorise the fun again along with extra adventures and fun.


According to the latest update from Twitter, PUBG Mobile revealed that Payload 2.0 mode would feature weapon-mounted vehicles like trucks and helicopter equipped with heavy weapons.

Moreover, the all-new devour truck in Payload 2.0 is equipped with 2 flamethrowers within the front, which might be controlled by the driving force, and a machine gun within the back which may be controlled by the player who sits there. You’ll also find mini-guns across the map, but they’re not an awfully useful weapon against other players because it’s heavy and inaccurate. Also, if you notice carefully, you’ll be able to see there are 2 barrels on the side of the truck. However, it will be useful for trucks to floats by the support of barrels.


Basically, the Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile revealed that there’d be missions for Payload 2.0 mode in Week 4. That means the Payload 2.0 are coming next week on October 5.

So, we hope that you have perfectly got your content regarding “PUBG Mobile PAYLOAD 2.0 Mode Release Date Revealed”.

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