Pubg Mobile Updated “Privacy Policy” in India over recent ban concerns

As the Indian government had banned the 59 Chinese apps, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and knowledge technology (MeitY) is now needing to banning 275 more Chinese apps for any potential security threats. Unfortunately, this time, PUBG Mobile is additionally under the Indian government’s radar. That’s because the battle royale game is developed by Tencent games which may be a Chinese Conglomerate.


In the message, the PUBG Mobile team states that their servers are located in India, the USA, port SAR, and Singapore. And in keeping with the updated privacy policy, all the private data of Indian users is stored in Indian servers only.

However, the main reason cited behind the ban is storing user data outside the country poses a threat to the protection of the state. So, by ensuring that the non-public data of Indian users are going to be stored in local servers, PUBG Mobile might just be able to escape the ban in India. And that I must say this was a sensible move which might seem reassuring to PUBG fans in India.

The PUBG Mobile wants to form it clear that for Indian users, PUBG Mobile has local support and engineering team. However, the very fact that “only” PUBG Mobile team from India could access the Indian user’s information has been kept quite ambiguous, and it depends on how the govt interprets it. For now, we’ve reached bent the PUBG mobile to induce more clarification on what this actually means, and that we are yet to listen to from them. Not to forget the info collection.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile has mentioned it’s still allowing third parties to gather and use the private data of users. Tencent promises to require ‘reasonable measures’ to make sure that the third parties don’t further disclose any personal information. However, if users are concerned about their collected data, then they will contact PUBG Mobile to access, or erase their personal data.

However, shifting Indian user data to servers within the country and being more transparent in its Privacy Policy might help PUBG Mobile escape the approaching ban. So, we hope that you have successfully got the information which you want. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section.

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