Pubg Mobile v1.0 BETA update expected to arrive on Monday

PUBG Mobile already has the most popularity. Although the Developers at PUBG Mobile recently pushed out the 0.19.0 update globally, and it brought during a host of latest features to the sport. However, the developers introducing beta testing for mainly fixing all the bugs and problems, and after the bugs fix then, they launch the Update.

The PUBG mobile version is full of new things as it got many new features, but the developers of PUBG, Tencent games will also introducing beta testing versions for improving and fixing the various bugs rolling out in the game. So, after the completion of testing, Tencent will work for sure to release the Update.

However, The version number of the forthcoming PUBG Mobile beta update has also been officially announced, and this point, the arrangement of the version number has been completely changed.

PUBG Mobile Beta update official announcement

Moreover, On 30th July, GameExp- who officially manages the beta testing of the PUBG Mobile update- published an article on their website and confirmed that a new PUBG Mobile beta version is coming soon. Additionally, to the present, the team is additionally searching for some active game testers who have the qualities listed below:

  • Possess a true passion for gaming.
  • Analyze the need for confidence and several things with honest rationality.
  • Learn and execute quickly and effectively.
  • Simple computer skills with terms of different gaming zones and various categories.
  • Quality Assurance experience as a plus.
  • Completely analyse the software test cycle process.

Upcoming PUBG Mobile Beta version

Now, after all, we’ve got precisely the belongings you want. So as to supply better assistance for PUBG MOBILE BETA 1.0, the channels are going to be reopened on Monday, 3rd August” PUBG Mobile v0.19.0 won’t be followed by 0.20.0 version. Rather than this, a brand-new series has been introduced, with the subsequent update list set to start from 1.0 version.

So, we hope that you have successfully got the information related to the PUBG Mobile v1.0 Beta Update to release soon. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.
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