PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile: Which is best? Comparison and More

After a Long Await Activision’s Call of Duty Has been Released for Both Android and Ios Users. Let’s See COD Will be able to Make its Way or not? Let us Find Out!

The Game Menu in COD Resembles a Modern Military Setup While Pubg Mobile Has Casual Funky Skin to your Character

The lobby is Quite Similar to each Other. Players can Jump, Running and Hitting Each Other WIth apple in Pubg But COD Offers a Grapple Hook and Vehicles in the Lobby.

Pubg Mobile Has a Globemaster Old School Look But COD Mobile Having Multiple Cool Looking Aircraft to Drop you to the Map.

Automatic Clicker: Set up this tool to tap autonomously on your screen

Both have a Number of Maps With totally Maps Experience to the Players. COD Having a 3x Number of Maps of Pubg Mobile that is Twelve.

PUBG Mobile Maps
Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok & Vikendi

Call of Duty Mobile Maps
Countdown, Crash, Diner, Estate, Farm, Firing Range, Killhouse, Launch, Nuketown, Pipeline, Seaside, Shipment & Standoff

Sky Diving
The Jump in Both are Similar to Each Other But COD Having a Wingsuit to Dive in Much Quicker

Weapon Skills
PUBG Weapon including Mini Gun, Flame Thrower Etc. COD Has Huge Weapons like the RPG or the Rocket Launcher. Quite a Powerful Weapon though can be Used as twice Per Match. COD Offers a Military-Grade Weapon While Pubg Offers a Better Feel of the Frag Grenade and the Smoke.

Pubg Feature a Minor Details to the Reflection of Pubg Mobile along Custom FPS Option.
During Gameplay HDR Graphics Shows Proper Shadows, Reflections, HD Audio along Releastic Weather. As COD Mobile has Property Texture Detailing on the Map.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 APK + OBB File: Chinese Version New Features

Defence Comparison

During the Time of Fight, there Was Higher Protective Strength against Health Damage.

The EMP Drone has the Ability to Hinder the Enemies Electrical Equipment.

The Scout has a Handy to See Nearby Enemy Location along Other Player Path.

It Equipped With a Toy Bomb to Distract Enemies along Zombies on their Opponents

The Ability to Heal Teammates and Others alias to Heal Themselves & Revive Teammates Much Faster.

While Swimming You can’t Shoot Your Enemy in Pubg But in COD You can Fire Even Underwater as Well.

COD having More Fell and Feedback on Driving, Even you have Helicopter. While Pubg Having 2-3 Vechnile in Map

Both Having Similar Kind of Explosion.

Download Official BETA PUBG MOBILE 0.13.0 for Android and iOS

Zombie Mode
Both Have their Own Perks and Needs Totally Different Strategy to Survive

Both Having Unique Emotes Based on Funky and Military Character

Pubg Mobile has the Challenger Call of Duty, Pubg Mobile Already Loved by Everyone on their Phones. Call of Duty has a Long Way to Go. But Not to Create monopoly users have Both Opinions.

All Secret Locations Of Godzilla in PUBG Mobile Live and Godzilla sound

Thanks for Being With us, Hope you Like it. Share your Opinion & Feedback in the Comment Section Down Below. Stay tuned for More Further Updates.

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