PUBG Mobile will introduce Mountain Dew Vending machines, as Energy Booster

PUBG Mobile always practising to feature something new within the game as because if there are changes within the game leads to better gameplay for the players. And, Now PUBG Mobile announced a collaboration with the drinkable brand, Mountain Dew yesterday. “The Dew” will arrive on Sept. 22.

However, it had been not revealed what’s going to include this partnership, and the announcement video shows a personality zooming into a Mountain Dew slot machine on the Erangel map. This might be a touch that they’re going to be added to the sport.

Although Vending machines were previously a component of PUBG Mobile, in the 0.18.0 update last May, the Miramar 2.0 map was added. one in all the most highlights of this map were vending machines. These were randomly situated on the map, and players could use them to urge up to eight energy drinks.

Moreover, This isn’t the primary time Mountain Dew is tying-up with PUBG Mobile. The potable brand was the sponsors of the primary season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia. It had also been the “official beverage” of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) season zero. This can be perhaps the primary time; however, Mountain Dew is getting an in-game collaboration.

But, there are no details regarding what is going to be coming from PUBG mobile which was revealed either. Tencent recently released version 1.0 of PUBG Mobile which has been keeping players hooked to season 15 of the sport. The version added New Erangel, a new UI, and gave the sport significant graphical upgrades which would completely change the era and also the gameplay of the players.

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