PUBG Update 5.1 Brings Refreshed Miramar Map, Ability to Throw Items.

Player Unknown Battle Ground is one of the Popular Multiplayer game, Which Start Rolling out the Much Awaited Version 5.1. However, PUBG instead of making new season update their roll out the game update with a lot of major improvements in the game for PS4 and Xbox One.

PUBG Update 5.1 Brings Refreshed Miramar Map, Vending Machines, Ability to Throw Items and More rolled out for PC users next week.

PUBG Update 5.1

Where they have added a lot of new feature alongside a New Refreshed Miramar map and static scope on the map theme. Where is they added a new rifle called win94 repeater Rifle Additionally, The Spaw Rate of Items Like AR, DMR, Scope and Helmets in Miramar has Been Increased.

Furthermore, you will also mind-bending machine around the map similar to fortnite another thing is now you can through a pan to kill enemies as well. Mean by pubg update, 5.1 will be available to test for all the server from tomorrow and to be available for the PUBG is from October 29.

if it talks about the new refresh map first in first, you will notice that the new Erangle map also includes a lot of new features. even the desert map Miramar also includes some entertaining and action featuring gameplay. Therefore they have included all new A LA Muerte Vamos race track allow you to do stunts on Ramp even you can jumping & skateboards are there.

PUBG Update 5.1

Not to mention pubg also improve some of the major things and bugs. likewise, they remove the dress and the bushes around the buildings which make a clear way to drive and help to locate an enemy easier.

as we talked earlier, it includes a thorough feature which allows you to throw up and tour your enemy to kill it. Which means you cannot throw any many weapons toward your enemy to knockdown.

PUBG Update 5.1

Furthermore, it also included and one more amazing thing is that you can now through healing or bullets towards your enemy or your teammates at a distance up to 15 metres. While throwing animal weapons you can easily damage your enemy within 15 metres and it lowers around 40 metres.

another thing is that the vending machine as we all know that for night and Call of duty already has this but pubg is also going to do the same the included vending machine in Miramar and camp jackal allow you to boost your energy with the help of drinks painkiller and other necessary items included in the vending machine.

There were a lot of new improvements inside the maps and in the game as well. there were also some improvements in the UI of the game to make it easier and minimalistic look to the game according to the current generation of gaming.

Even the customisation section is also improved and the much-awaited win94 rifle is reading and it supports 2.7 X scope which is quite similar to VSS. Where the gun is only exclusive to Miramar map and not be found on other maps.

PUBG Update 5.1

it also includes a new survival pass which offers you more rewards outfit and weapon skin based on your mission and challenges. This is all coming to the PC version of pubg and set to be released on next week from October 29.

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Thanks for being with us share your opinion and feedback and comment section down below. stay tuned for more for the updates in future on same.

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