PUBG Will added New “Clan” system on PC and console Platform [Leaks]

Tencent Recently Rolled out a Latest Version of PUBG With a Revamped Version of Miramar Map. Having Some New Interesting Features like Throwing Ammo or First aids Kids alongside a Vending Machines and More. Developers of PUBG Pushing Newer Updates toward there Games and Features.

They have been Updating the New Ranking System and Multiplayer Options, Now the Experience is More Immersive than before. Not to Mention, PUBG is been Well Mature game With Basic Regular Updating.

PUBG to Introduce New “Clan” system on PC and console Platform. 

So, The Important Key Factors Were Mentioned Down Below.

  1. If You Create a Clan, You Require an Initial Fee of 5000 BP (Battle Points).
  2. Clan name should be Above 2 Character and goes up to 15 Character (e.g. BandookBaaz).
  3. Tag Label Will be Only between 2-4 Character (eg. BBZ) and Tagline Can go up to 30 Characters.
  4. Clan Can Have Maximum of up to 20 Players.

Therefore, You can also Enable a Resume Acceptance for Joining into your Clan. Which Means Players have to Submit there Resume based on their Statics to become a Member of your Existing Clan. It is Quite Similar to Send a Request, If he Satisfied your Clan Requirement then he would be able to Join Clan if he Approved By Clan Leader.

This is not a New Thing in the PUBG World, This thing Was Already Exist in PUBG Mobile Earlier last Year. Looking Like PUBG is Looking forward to Bring to their Console Platform. Unfortunately, We Don’t have any official Words about it Yet and No Ideas about When the Features Will go Live.

Pubg is Taking one of the Popular Feature from PUBG mobile and Brining it to the PC and Console Version

Read Also: PUBG Lite would introduce the “Free for All” Mode in the coming weeks.

Thanks for Being With us, Share your More valuable opinion and feedback in the Comment Section Down below. Stay tuned for More further updates in future on Same.

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