Reasons of PUBG Mobile India Release date postponed – Reason you should know

From the beginning or launch of the Esport, PUBG Mobile has witnessed stupendous growth and has become one of the most popular and played games of the battle royale genre on the mobile platform. The battle royale sensation has transcended beyond the boundaries of casual gaming and includes a growing competitive scene.

However, Esport has established an enormous player base in India. However, the country’s users were left in dismay after the title was banned by the Govt of India (GOI) in September this year, thanks to security and privacy reasons. Although, PUBG Corporation, On November 12th, Disclosed that they might be releasing a special version of PUBG Mobile for Indian users. Although, there is no any fix date for release of the game.

Reasons because of which PUBG Mobile India Release date Postponed

Administration Forces

Mainly, PUBG Mobile India was banned by the Ministry of Electronics and knowledge Technology under section 69A of the IT Act. Despite being registered as an organization with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, they require a green signal from the govt for the discharge. Although, there {have been} reports that the govt might not allow PUBG Mobile’s return to India unless the concerns have been addressed.

Adequate compliance

Another possible reason for the discharge’s delay could be that the developers are attempting to confirm they’re completely compliant with the government’s requirements. Hence, there aren’t any concerns after the release. Earlier in September, the Esport was banned because of security and privacy reasons.

Changes in Game Server

Basically, The Indian version of the Esport will feature some changes compared to the game’s global version, including the green hit effect, limiting the Esport time and more. Also, there’s an opening that the changes and servers aren’t yet ready.

So, we hope that you have correctly got known about “Reasons of PUBG Mobile India Release date postponed.”

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