Reportedly, Date for PUBG Mobile Season 16 Royal Pass and more

PUBG Mobile always introduce several new seasons with various new features. But, Now many players are eagerly want to understand the ending date of season 16. However, As we all know that The apocalyptic and tundra atmosphere of the RPG game Metro Exodus joined PUBG Mobile with season 16, called Metro Royale. It started on Nov. 10 and brought plenty of changes to stay the Esport fresh.

Although, New environments were added to Erangel, also as a grenade launcher which will be equipped to numerous weapons, new accessories, new challenges, and a themed UI. And, Players can explore the tunnels and metro of Erangel and use weapons that are familiar to Metro Exodus fans, also as complete missions to earn battle pass levels and rewards. But like every other season, it’ll need to move for a fresh one after players have enjoyed all the content that was added.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Could be End Soon

The developer has yet to announce an officer end date for season 16, but the countdown indicated on the battle pass hints that it’ll conclude on Jan. 17, 2021. Then, season 17 will likely hit the live servers around sooner or later after the tip of the present season. This should give players many time to enjoy the content produced unitedly with Metro Exodus, likewise as new content that may likely hit the live servers during the vacation season, like Christmas-themed items.

This date isn’t set in stone, however Probable lags or bugs make season 16 more successful as Expected. In any event, players are going to be able to complete the battle pass tiers and challenges for the remainder of the year before it resets with season 17. So, we hope that you have perfectly got known about “PUBG Mobile Season 16 will be End soon”.

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