Season 12 of Call of duty mobile will not get test server

As already the call of Duty Mobile Season 11 is currently live to celebrate the primary anniversary of the sport. Activision decided not to release a test server for the Season 11 update to keep everything a surprise for the players, which clothed incredibly well.

Well, Most Call of Duty: Mobile players were happy that each one the amazing Season 11 content was kept a secret. Well, it’s just like the same goes to happen with the following season furthermore. That’s because the developers announced that Season 12 wouldn’t likely get a test server.

However, Call of Duty Mobile released the October 22nd community update on Reddit. Under the update given by COD mobile, it was revealed that there are many events and modes available in the game in season 11 along with launch date. Aside from that, the devs addressed all the in-game bugs in Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Although, In community update’s comment section, one user asked about the Season 12 test server. Surprisingly, COD Mobile developers answered the question to verify that Season 12 possibly won’t get a test server. So, a bit like Season 11, players are completely unaware of the content in Season 12.

Moreover, the user of Reddit goes on to ask the developers if players could get any hints for Season 12. Basically, the COD mobile have rejected the request through their devs and also the necessity of a disclosed season 12 clues under the sport.

However, those that don’t know, Call of Duty Mobile released the much-awaited ‘Alcatraz‘ map in Season 11. Also, the Halloween update is now stuck out some spooky in-game content.

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