Season 6 is Live on Call of Duty Mobile with Tittle Once upon a time in Rust

Call of Duty become one of the most fascinating smartphone game. Where this is the season 6 update and bring six new most the game. However as usual there is a new themed and a brand new Royal pass known as Battle Royale. As the game release it was sized of 1.8 GB that you can update from Google Play Store directly. Now the game has been ruled out official e around the globe so we are here to let you know some of its specific new things that have been added to the game.

Starting with the game bring a new theme the called once upon a time in rust. The rest is one of the most popular maps that’s belongs to the call of duty original title. Even there is a new classic operator skills a complete by Battle Royale class and upgraded new weapon. As the game is not taking any outsource. But they have been including and bringing the original Call of Duty features such as capture the flag and hardpoint.

Call of Duty

Whereas you have to capture the flag for that match that is exclusively available for team deathmatch mode or multiplayer mode. Where they have been maximizing the points with an specific timing for an intense gameplay. Moreover the game bringing some of the original characters such as goes and others with a new outfit that belongs to classic desert oil inspired by Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

We all know pubg mobile also having a sort of touch quite identical to the Call of Duty but to maximize it with its level ranking and operators make the game more potential and make it different from each other as they both were the part of Tencent gaming.

Call of Duty

Where there is another event called gold but it would be later added to the game is the game season for grass and there was something that will be unveiled as the time passes. Not to mention it bring some of the puzzles and lucky draws alongside battle pass to purchase and store upgrades.

We would like like to know your valuable potential experience about the game and whats makes. It is more genuine to play. Thanks for being with us we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If there is any query in the comment section on the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more for the updates in the future on the same.

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