Settings of Tfue’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The Tfue has proven time and again that he’s one in all the simplest battle royale players on the earth. And while his popularity started successfully in Fortnite, he’s been k”n to point out his skill in Call of Duty as well.

However, over 11.8 million hours watched playing Call of Duty in the past year and 636 hours of airtime dedicated to the sport, it’s fairly safe to mention that he’s an expert when it involves getting frags in Activision’s first-person shooter.

Moreover, the most recent instalment of the sport, Black Ops conflict, doesn’t kick-off for an additional month. But with the beta weekend fully swing, it would be worth testing Tfue’s settings as you steel onself for a weekend of marathoning early access to the sport. This game is very excellent and included various settings through it is very helpful to play it.

Tfue’s settings for COD: Black Ops conflict

Tfue’s sensitivity settings

  • DPI. – 400
  • Game Sens.- V6.19
  • Vertical Sens Mult. – 1.00
  • ADS Sens. – Legacy
  • ADS (High & Low Zoom) – v0.51
  • ADS Transitioning. – Instant
  • Acceleration – 0.00
  • Filtering – 0.00
  • Smoothing – Disabled

Tfue’s keybinds

  • Reload. – R
  • Jump. – Space
  • Use.- V
  • Crouch/Slide.- C
  • Prone. – F
  • Sprint. – Left Shift
  • Weapon Swap – 1/ Scroll Up
  • Weapon Mount. – B/Z
  • Melee. – E
  • Armour Plate. – 4
  • Tactical Equipment. – push 4
  • Lethal Equipment. – Q

Tfue’s video settings

  • Render Res. – 100
  • Framerate Limit. – Custom
  • Field of View. – 120
  • ADS Field of View. – Independent
  • Brightness. – 50.19
  • Texture Res. – Low
  • Texture Filter. – Low
  • Particle Quality. – High
  • Bullet Impact. – Enabled
  • Tessellation. – Disabled
  • Shadow Map Res.- Low
  • Cache Spot/Sun Shadows. – Disabled
  • Particle Lighting. – Low
  • World/Weapon Motion Blur. – Disabled
  • Ambient Occlusion. – Disabled

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