Tencent Gaming announced “wandering Mountains and Seas” Mobile Game

The Wandering Mountains and seas are the game which is under development for 4 years and developing by the Tencent as the Tencent has officially announced about this game.

The game is full of exciting features as many leaks are rolling out. But, the details which are leaked are not confirmed. However, there is a probability of various information related to the game.


Mainly, In this new game, the players have the capability to visit the whole map. Meanwhile, it is just an open-ended game Which elaborates that players have full freedom and have the capability to explore all the area of the map. However, there is no information regarding the new game launching, but Tencent has enclosed the above-written details regarding Wandering Mountains and seas.

In the information enclosed by Tencent that In this game players have the ability to head towards the deep seas and dangerous high Mountains, And there is also a feature allowed to players that Now, they can fly and head towards the moon which would be a unique feature. Because there are very fewer action games in which players have the ability to go to the moon. Furthermore, the game has many good features and definitely one of the best game by Tencent. In this game, you have the ability to select the various weapons attack like long range or short range.

However, this helps players to get full of action gameplay because players allowed to change teams at any time, which results in sudden changes can happen during gameplay. Also, Players can open their own shop to earn extra cash which would results in Independency of the player in terms of money.

So, these are details which are related to the Wandering Mountains and seas developing by Tencent. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.
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