Types of PUBG Mobile Version for different countries -Check this out!

Basically, the PUBG Mobile has many versions in several countries but the world version. Each of those versions has some similarities and plenty of unique features, like traditional costumes and holiday events. Here are some versions of PUBG Mobile you’ll experience.

Global Version

It’s the main version of this game for players everywhere the globe. Most of the Indian players play during this version and luxuriate in the sport with players everywhere the globe. But this version is blocked in India and plenty of countries because it’s launched by Tencent Games.

Korean/Japanese Version

After the ban of the Indian government on the PUBG Mobile global version, many players during this country have switched to the Korean/Japanese version of this game. However, Players of this version will get the sport updates prior to players of other versions. Also, you’ll be able to collect the medals and open classic and premium crates to induce decent rewards. Moreover, there are many traditional-themed events and skins but common skins within the global version.

Chinese Version (Game For Peace)

In addition to the world version, Tencent also created a novel PUBG Mobile version of Chinese India solely. It’s titled “Game For Peace”. This version is pretty different from the world version because Tencent often tests new updates during this version before launching them within the global version. However, it’s the identical rule and gameplay as other versions of this game.

Taiwanese Version

PUBG Mobile is additionally launched in Taiwan by an area game studio. it’s the identical gameplay and features because the global version.

Vietnamese Version

It’s distributed by VNG, a neighborhood game company in Vietnam. This game lets players enjoy the sport in English or Vietnamese language. Therefore, many Indian and foreign players are playing PUBG Mobile during this version.

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