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How to use Lasso Tool in Photoshop

How to use Lasso Tool in Photoshop

How to use Lasso Tool in Photoshop:- As I mentioned earlier, Lasso Tool is used for photo selection, if you have selected the photo. If it is a Lasso Tool or Lasso Tool or Magic Vend Tool, then the app can work only in the selected area.Such as coloring or adding an effect, copying or deleting.

Today, I will tell you about all the types of Lasso Tool, all of them have the work, how can I use them all in this post today. So first click on the Lasso Tool. This By default will select the Rectangular Lasso Tool. Once the tool is selected, the options for the property bar will be enabled.

How to use Lasso Tool in Photoshop
How to use Lasso Tool in Photoshop

First of all, I’ll tell you the option 1,2,3,4 and the option works on all the selection tools, whether it’s Marquee, Laso or Magic Tool.

1. This is the option of “New Selection”, as if you selected the photo from Rectangular if you clicked again on the photo, then the selection that was selected will be deleted and the new selection will be created.

2. This is “Add to Selection” if you select the photo from the box and then you want to be selective and add more to it, then first click on this option and then you can select as many times as you like.

3. This is “Subtract From Selection” if you want to delete something in the selection by mistake, then by clicking on this option, you will delete the selection from which to remove the selection.

4. This is to add and subtract “Intersect With Selection”. But with this option, both of you will do the job, as you have selected the photo, now you have to select between them, then by clicking on this option you can select from the middle part.

How to use Lasso Tool in Photoshop

How to use Lasso Tool in Photoshop
How to use Lasso Tool in Photoshop

How To Use Lasso Tool In Photoshop In Hindi? – When you click on the Lasso tool, you’ll just get simple lasso tool, but if you right-click on the Lasso tool, you will get 2 more tools.

1. With the Lasso Tool, you can select freely like pencils, start by clicking from here and leaving it on the left, the area will be selected automatically.

2. With the Polygonal Lasso Tool, you will now be able to select it and then click Next, you can select it from point to point. If you have accidentally clicked, then press the Delete key to go back to that point. Click on the same point that you started with Junk to select.

3. Magnetic Lasso Tool works according to color, you have to select from which you have to click on the left and leave the cursor now and select the polygonal tool from the jaw, you should try to do your work with it. Once your hand Once the polygonal tool is set, you will be able to do photo cutting very well.

So in this way you can use these tools, but the more you use this tool, the more you learn about it and the more you practice on Photoshop you will be able to edit such a great photo. Practice to understand Photoshop better and see all the posts related to it. If this information is beneficial to you, then share it with others and if you have any questions or suggestions about it, by commenting below Of course tell.

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