What are the top 5 features to be debuted with Payload 2.0 Mode

Basically, the PUBG Mobile’s Payload 2.0 mode has finally arrived with a bunch of latest and interesting features that haven’t been implemented before. they will only be found in Payload and not other game modes, of course. during this article, we might list out the highest 5 best features in Payload 2.0.


  • New Powerful Weapons

    Players are now given control of two new “Superweapons” called the AT4 missile and the M202 four- barreled launcher. The AT4 may be a huge missile that you just can guide manually after firing by a laser pointer. it might chase the target you geared toward and cause an enormous explosion. The M202 may be a rapid-firing launcher… you continue to can’t fire 4 rockets without delay, of course.

  • Armed Helicopter

    The Helicopters aren’t any longer defenceless anymore – players can now use the machine guns equipped on them to dish out incredible damage to enemies on the bottom.

  • Armed vehicles

    In Payload 2.0, the 4 hottest vehicles in PUBG Mobile together with the helicopter are given new features – they’re now fitted with weapons and inventories that would be accustomed store items. the most weapons are flamethrowers but there is a minigun on the rear that other team members could use in addition.

  • Bomb Suit

    This is the one amongst the most effective feature as While wearing this new armor, damage taken from explosives would be reduced greatly.

  • All New Scout Items

    Players can now scout the world using the Portable radar or the UAV. the previous would scan the world and show all the vehicles within the vicinity… while the latter is armed with 8 mini-missiles which will be fired at enemies.

So, we hope that you have correctly got your content regarding “Top 5 New Features In PUBG Mobile’s Payload 2.0 Mode”. Thanks for being with us, We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.

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