What’s New: Payload mode 2.0 has Returned to PUBG Mobile

As we earlier told about Payload feature of PUBG Mobile and Now, the explosive Payload mode has returned to PUBG Mobile with several new features. As it includes the new protective Vehicles along with powerful weapons and much more.

However, the Payload 2.0 are often found within the Evo-Ground modes in PUBG Mobile. The mode is analogous to the classic battle royale mode. 100 players drop into Erangel with just one squad getting the chicken dinner.

Although, the simplest unique point of Payload mode 2.0 is that the new armed vehicles. All four-wheelers except the Buggy are equipped with flamethrowers within the front. These are controlled by the motive force and burn enemies within a brief range. There’s another weapon on these vehicles moreover. This might either be a machine gun or a foot soldier and is controlled by the passenger. This can also be present on the Buggy. All vehicles are given extra armour in addition.

Moreover, all new weapons include the AT4-A laser-guided missile and therefore the M202 four- barreled armament. The man-portable radar, which reveals the placement of all vehicles during a radius around the player, UAV controller, and therefore the Bomb Suit are the new items in PUBG Mobile’s Payload 2.0 mode.

Further the Another Big difference between the classic mode and Payload 2.0 is the addition of helicopters within the latter. Players can go for the skies in helicopters. Payload 2.0 also encompasses a new armed helicopter that’s fitted with machine guns.

Although, In payload 2.0, there will be the addition of Superweapon crates and enhanced conversation towers. However, As both, the features are very useful then, the super crates and enhanced communication can be found by using the map.

So, we hope that you have eagerly got your content regarding “Payload mode 2.0 has dropped in PUBG Mobile”. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.

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