Who is BandookBaaz Gaming? Everything you need to know.

Pubg Mobile seems to be one of the most popular games across the nation. Hence, there were a lot of popular streamers and Gamers come in mind. Since 2019 Bandookbaaz Gaming become one of the most popular pubg mobile-based gaming channels on YouTube and today, his three most active channel crossed more than 1.5 Million subscribers. Today, he shares tips & tricks, Gameplay videos and even includes a live stream of pubg mobile.

Meanwhile, he has also been the nicest guy ever you will find on Gaming community most likely he also used to engage a lot with its viewers through Live streams. Today we are going to share something about him.

Bandookbaaz: Everything you need to know

BandookBaaz Gaming

Early journey

Bandookbaaz starts his journey by being a content creator on YouTube used to upload the PicsArt tutorial with some. Extra perks of tips and tricks. Likely, he soon becomes One of the most popular mobile photo editors on YouTube, and soon he starts playing Pubg Mobile notably Instead after the Launch of the game in India.

Meanwhile, he also used to play the game such as mini militia used to be popular those days when 4G wasn’t a mainstream service in India. However, he makes to play the game so hard that he play the game day and night. So he soon decided to make his own gaming channel.

Starting of Bandookbaaz Gaming

As the name suggests Bandookbaaz Gaming, Actually this name was inspired by the movie “Babumoshai Bandookbaaz,” and then the VPN tricks were most in demand at that point of time. He used to make the video as soon as the trick went live. Although, he also used to do Live Stream occasionally back in days with the “Tencent Gaming Buddy” which is a Pubg Mobile Official emulator.

With the passing time, He dedicated to switching to mobile play with multiple claws with some days he gets used to it. He actually was a fast learner, and since the day VPN tricks get restricted he completely Switched to Pubg Mobile leaks, Tips and Tricks and many other different topics. Moreover, a few months back moved for a live stream gaming on Bandookbaaz is live at night and used to engage with viewers.

Today, Bandookbaaz achieve a milestone with a short benchmark on three different channels following 900K+, 700K+ and 150K subscribers on Bandookbaaz Gaming, Bandookbaaz and Bandookbaaz is Live respectively.

Who is Bandookbaaz, Real name of Bandookbaaz

Bandookbaaz (BB), His real name is Indrajit Singh. He was actually scholars during his school days, notable excellence in mathematics. Literally, he knew almost at the top-notch up to class 12th. In contrast, his parents always stood with him and tried to motivate him.

Talking about personal engagement, he used to have good photography and photoshoot skills alongside an amazing video and image editing further his home town located in Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) and his residence in New Delhi.

On the other hand, he is well fit guy ready to do stretch, running even he uses to be active a lot by playing games such as Cricket and Volleyball. To get this energy, he eats a lot, not in single but Multiple times in a day. Most likely, he used to have Milk and Brown Bread in the morning.

Bandookbaaz on Social Media

You can obviously follow him on YouTube, but also he was actively having a presence on Instagram. His Instagram ID was @bandookbaazritesh.

Bandookbaaz gaming Instagram

   Follow @Bandookbaazritesh

Here you can subscribe to his YouTube channels…

   BandookBaaz Gaming


   BandookBaaZ is Live


   Join NOW

Bandookbaaz accessories for Streaming & gaming settings

His primary mobile was iPhone 11 Pro Max accomplished with an Elgato HD60s. Which is paired with Desktops packed an Intel i7-8700K CPU integrated with NVidia 1070Ti. The Soc coupled with 16GB of Ram.

His gaming setting was set to play on Balance Graphics performance alongside Extreme FPS (frames per seconds).

Bandookbaaz Favourite Player and Outdoor sports

His most favourite player of all time is Sc0utOP, as he is professional Online multiple games of Pubg mobile. Bandookbaaz also good at outdoor games, he enjoys playing game Volley Ball and Cricket.

Bandookbaaz’s favourite moments in Pubg Mobile

Once there were more than 20 players at the same location, but they were not fighting, they were just smiling at each other and doing random things. Above all, they were just enjoying the game makes him feel deep down to heart about fighting isn’t always been the right thing to perform.

Bandookbaaz Merchandise and His Account

His pubg mobile account was 514083312, and currently, there is mo merchandise available but expected to available soon.

Bandookbaaz’s Future

As we have seen, Bandookbaaz isn’t going to end. Hence, there is a long way to walk in this journey. In coming years you will see Bandookbaaz be in a Competitive ESports. Also, he is also having planning about Vlogging expected

His face is his Logo now!

Hopefully, we believe that it was quite unique, and we have covered all the things that you must know about BandookBaaz. Thanks for being with us, we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If there is any query share with us in the comment section down below, stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.
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