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Amazing Triks of YouTube’|| YouTube Secret Tips and Tricks

Useful YouTube Secret Tips and Tricks

Almost all Internet users use YouTube for video surfing. But very few Internet users know that they can do a lot of hard work by making a few changes to the URL of YouTube videos, as if we were able to download any YouTube video without any software, just download the format you want on your computer. Can do it.

Or we can see restricted videos in any country in that country. Today in this article, we are telling you about four such useful Secret Tricks associated with YouTube.

1. Download Videos Without Such Software:

Useful YouTube Secret Tips and Tricks
Useful YouTube Secret Tips and Tricks

Videos can be downloaded easily with the help of YouTube. There will be no special software for this. Not only this, MP3 files can also be downloaded from YouTube. All you need to do is adjust the URL slightly.

To download any video, write a PWN in front of its URL. Be careful from the URL carefully http: // or https: //.

Example –

This video URL will become something like this –

MP3 Download-
After this, you can download the video in your desired format. They can be converted to MP3 files from video, from the same page. After adding PWN to the video URL, a separate site will open. On this site, there will be options to download the video in the upper part and there will be options to convert the video to MP3 in the lower part (as shown in the photo).

One of the websites given to convert to MP3 will be used. Once the video is converted, it can be downloaded to your PC.

2. Make the video repeat:

You can repeat your YouTube videos anytime by modifying a YouTube URL. You do not have to go to the YouTube site again and again. These processes will be automatically. You need to add “repeater” after youtube in the YouTube video URL.


This will happen-

3. If there is a regional restricting in the video:

Useful YouTube Secret Tips and Tricks
Useful YouTube Secret Tips and Tricks

There are times when such videos are hosted, which are hosted by another country. These videos are reserved for your area. In this case, they are very complicated in themselves. The URL of these videos will also have to be altered.

Examples:- watch? V = IEIWdEDFlQY this URL

This will be –

After that, the video will open in your area.

4. If you have to run:
a video from a particular place, then you can note the video time URL for the video if you have to run YouTube’s video from a particular place. If there is a special time, you can copy the current time URL of the YouTube video by right-clicking on the video, as shown in the photo.

Useful YouTube Secret Tips and Tricks
Useful YouTube Secret Tips and Tricks

If it is not to be done or to run the video after a few seconds-

These URLs-

Something like this will happen –


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